Alice Feurtey

Alice Feurtey

Junior Group Leader



Hi! I am currently a junior group leader at the ETH. I work on genomics and evolution. I’ve recently started using machine learning and deep learning, in particular, to answer long standing questions in biology. I use fungi and plants as model organisms.

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  • Evolution of plants and plant pathogens
  • Genomics
  • Bioinformatics and data analysis
  • PhD in Biology, 2016

    Paris-Saclay University

  • Master's of Biology -, 2013

    Paris-Saclay University

  • Bachelor, 2011

    Angers University


Junior Group Leader
May 2020 – Present Zurich, Switzerland

Research themes:

  • Adaptation of Zymoseptoria tritici, a wheat pathogen, to its host and environment: genome-environment association (GEA) and phenotype-based genome-wide association study (GWAS)
  • Worldwide scale population genomics and phylogeography of Z.tritici
  • Evolution of transposable elements and of the defenses against them in fungi
Max Planck Institute
Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Max Planck Institute
Jan 2017 – Apr 2020 Plön, Germany
  • Pangenomics in several species of plant pathogens, influence of life-history traits and machine-learning predictions
  • Comparative genome evolution and epigenomic architecture in the Zymoseptoria genus
  • Interspecific hybridizations in fungal pathogens
  • Population genetic and genomic of Pyrenophora teres, a barley pathogen
Paris-Saclay University
Ph.D. student
Paris-Saclay University
Dec 2013 – Nov 2016 Paris, France
  • Crop-to-wild gene flow in apple trees
  • Plant-pathogen co-evolution
  • Threats and conservation of wild apple tree species